Created 8/31/2011
Last Reviewed 1/9/2018
Versions 7.0


If you are unable to view Mediasite presentations, try adjusting the settings below.  Note that this article applies only to problems viewing Windows Media content, and will not have any effect on issues with playback of Smooth Streaming or MP4 content.

Close your web browser and launch Windows Media Player (this is usually available under the All Programs option on the Windows Start menu). In Windows Media Player, go to Tools > Options; in newer versions of Windows Media Player you may have to right click next to the Now Playing button in order to access the Tools menu.


  • On the Player tab, check the Connect to the Internet box.
    Windows Media Player settings
  • On the Network tab, check the RTSP/UDP, RTSP/TCP, and HTTP boxes, and configure the streaming proxy settings if applicable.
    Windows Media Player settings
  • On the Performance tab, select Choose connection speed and the appropriate connection speed.
    Windows Media Player setting


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