Created 8/31/2011
Last Reviewed 1/9/2018
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There are several quirks with Windows, Windows Media Player, and Internet Explorer that can cause the playback of Mediasite presentations to fail. Here are some things to look into when playback doesn't work.  Note that Windows Media Player will only be used for playback on Internet Explorer, and only when the media type is Windows Media.


Windows Media Player

  • Install / reinstall the latest version of Windows Media Player (version 11 at the time of writing)
  • Go to the Tools > Options > Player menu. Check the "Connect to the Internet" option.
  • Go to the Tools > Options > Performance menu. Choose a reasonable connection speed, taking into consideration your connectivity and the bitrate of the content you are attempting to view.
  • Under "Streaming Proxy Settings" click Configure and verify the settings, if applicable.
  • Go to the Tools > Options > Network menu. Verify that the RTSP/UDP, RTSP/TCP and HTTP check boxes are checked. If this step doesn't work then try the following settings, playing back the presentation after each step:
    • Uncheck RTSP/UDP and RTSP/TCP and leave the HTTP check box checked.
    • Uncheck HTTP and RTSP/TCP and leave the RTSP/UDP check box checked.
    • Uncheck HTTP and RTSP/UDP and leave the RTSP/TCP check box checked.

Internet Explorer

Go to the Tools > Internet Options > Connections menu

  1. Click Add
  2. Choose Connect to the network via broadband
  3. Enter a name then click finish
  4. Click Ok
  5. Select "Never dial a connection"
  6. Click Ok

Check that File > Work Offline is not checked

Check firewall settings

These ports need to be open to view a presentation (Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Media Server 2003)

  • 5005 UDP
  • 554 TCP
  • 554 UDP
  • 80 TCP


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