Created 7/16/2012
Last Reviewed 3/21/2016
Versions 6.1, 7.0


Sonic Foundry gathers statistics from Mediasite servers in order to better improve the Mediasite platform over time. The Customer Experience Improvement Program collects information about how Mediasite is used, and that information helps Sonic Foundry identify features to improve. 
Sonic Foundry is committed to helping protect your privacy. Your information will never be sold, shared or made publicly available.
Data in aggregate – information that cannot be attributed to an individual or organization – may occasionally be shared publicly with researchers, analysts or others to validate the introduction of new Mediasite functionality or communicate trends.
This is an optional function that is enabled by default.  See below for a description of the data that is collected.


Information about the server where the data originated


Customer ID: Customer account ID used in Sonic Foundry’s internal customer management system.

Installation ID: Generated ID tied to the licensing of EX Server.

Product Version: Major version of EX Server installed on server.

Site ID: Generated ID used to differentiate between different sites in a multisite EX installation

HostName: Hostname corresponding to the Site ID of the submitted data.

Server usage statistics

Run Time: The time that this set of statistics was generated. 

Presentation Count: Total number of presentations.

Live Presentation Count: Total number of live presentations.

Scheduled Presentation Count: Total number of scheduled presentations.

Anonymous Playback Count: Total number of anonymous presentation views.

Presentation Duration: Total duration of all recorded content.

Playback Count: Total number of presentation views.

Live Playback Count: Total number of live presentation views.

Total Time Watched: Total duration viewed.

User Name Count: Total number of unique logged in users who watched presentations. *Note that the user names are not collected.

IP Address Count: Total number of unique IP addresses that watched presentations. *Note that the IP addresses are not collected.

System Totals: What operating system your viewers were using.


Browser Totals: What browser your viewers were using.

Media Plugin Totals: A breakdown of which plug-in (Silverlight, Adaptive Silverlight, HTML5, Windows Media) was used to play your content.

Mediasite version 7.0 adds the following:

Unique Anonymous Viewers by IP Address: Total number of unique anonymous viewers based on IP addresses (IP addresses themselves are not transmitted).


Flag to indicate if Log Packager job is enabled

Job Farm Statistics: Aggregate data containing information about the run frequency and failure rate of job farm jobs.

Content Origin: Aggregate data containing information about where recorded content originated (Hardware Recorder, Desktop Recorder, Media Upload).


Additional Comments

For further questions about this data collection, please contact Sonic Foundry technical services.


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