Created 10/22/2013
Last Reviewed 10/22/2013
Versions 6.1


This article contains an overview of logging data that is automatically collected by Sonic Foundry in Mediasite 6.1 and later.


In an effort to improve our product and the customer support we are able to provide, Mediasite installations regularly transmit their log data back to Sonic Foundry's servers.  This data contains the following:
  • All log files generated by Sonic Foundry software.  Locations of these log files can be found in this KB article
  • Windows Event logs generated on a Mediasite Recorder.  Windows Event logs generated on your servers are NOT sent to Sonic Foundry.
This data is transmitted to Sonic Foundry over SSL port 443.  Sonic Foundry's destination IP address space exists at 12.180.228.x.


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