Created 12/1/2014
Last Reviewed 3/16/2016
Versions 6.1, 7.0


Chrome for Mac is 64-bit as of version 39.0.2171, and Silverlight doesn’t support 64-bit mode on Mac OS.  As a result Chrome fails to load the existing 32-bit version of Silverlight and Mediasite playback will fail.  This affects both live and on-demand playback of Smooth Streaming and Windows Media content.


There are two ways to work around this issue:

  • Use browser other than Chrome that supports Silverlight (i.e. Safari or Firefox) to view Mediasite content.
  • Transcode content to MP4 whenever possible for on-demand playback.  Chrome supports MP4 playback natively with no plug-ins required.

Please contact technical support if you have any questions.


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