Created 2/22/2017
Last Reviewed 8/9/2017
Versions 7.0


When attempting to view Mediasite content using Chrome a warning is displayed which indicates that the Flash plugin has been disabled.  Beginning with Chrome 56, Flash is blocked by default, and must be explicitly enabled in order to load Flash-based content.  This was announced in a blog post in August, 2016, and further discussed in another blog post in December, 2016.  More information can be found in the Flash Roadmap for Chrome.  More information about the release of Chrome 56 can be found in this post on the Google developer site.


For now it is possible to re-enable Flash in Chrome.  Please see the slideshow here for instructions on how to re-enable Flash.  Alternatively another browser can be used to view Mediasite content.  Sonic Foundry is working diligently to implement alternative technologies like HLS and MPEG-DASH to facilitate playback of content across most HTML5 compliant browsers that support Media Source Extensions API. Please see the following link for support of Media Source Extensions API:

Additional Comments

It is recommended that Mediasite Video Platform be upgraded to 7.0.30 where Flash is no longer a requirement for playback. If your Mediasite Video Platform server is located at your organization then updated software can be downloaded from the Sonic Foundry support portal.


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