Created 3/18/2020
Last Reviewed 9/23/2022
Versions 7.4, 7.6, 8.x


Please see article KBA4095 for general information about downloading Mediasite Mosaic. Below are known issues with the application.



  • Mosaic has a maximum recording length of 3 hours per presentation
  • Uploading Mediasite Mosaic recordings to MVP may fail in unstable network environments
  • Using certain special characters (“<”, “>”) in a presentation title can cause uploads to fail and/or crash Mosaic
  • Recordings may fail when using a Logitech Webcam C930e


  • A/V sync may appear off when previewing a Dual Video recording if Video1 is set to Camera and Video2 is set to Display
  • Changing the Record Mode after launching Mosaic via My Mediasite will create and upload a unique presentation to MVP
  • Removing an input device (Video1, Video2, Audio) will set the respective input to “None” and requires it to be manually selected after the input device has been reconnected
  • Previewing a recorded presentation in Mediasite Mosaic may not show the initial still image associated with the content item
  • Removing an Apple Sidecar display (i.e. iPad) while recording may cause Mosaic to crash
  • Recordings with long titles may appear to be abruptly cut off when previewing them on the Presentations page
  • Deselecting the search field in the Presentations may not properly update the list of all recorded Presentations

Windows 10

  • Recording “All Displays” may cause Mosaic to crash


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