Created 7/29/2020
Last Reviewed 3/2/2021
Versions 7.5


Known issues for the Mediasite Recorder 7.5.x release, current as of release 7.5.5.


  • Changing a recurrence’s start time after a presentation for the recurrence is opened on the Recorder causes a second presentation to be created without deleting the previous presentation.
  • Custom IIS push publishing points must be manually reset before the Recorder is able to push to them again.
  • When viewing the list of Recorders in Management Portal, a Recorder will display as offline if your site root URL is set to HTTPS and the Recorder is set to use No SSL. Recorders in this state can still be accessed remotely, they only display as offline on the list.
  • Recovering a Smooth Streaming presentation that has been opened by the Recorder Player will fail and not play back properly. The Recover Presentation option should only display after the Recorder has been rebooted. Currently, the Recover Presentation option displays after refreshing the page or restarting the Recorder while the presentation has been opened in the player. This can lead to a recovery failure and unplayable presentation.
  • If you use Remote Desktop to access a Recorder while recording, the audio devices can briefly fail.


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