Created 12/21/2015
Last Reviewed 1/24/2018
Versions 7.x


This article discusses the multiple video playback experience on iOS. This article applies only to Mediasite 7.0.x; Mediasite 7.2.x supports playback of multiple videos simultaneously on newer versions of iOS.


Playback of Mediasite content is handled differently on different iOS devices; the iPhone and iPod touch use the Mediasite app, and the iPad uses the Mobile Safari browser.  Regardless of whether you're using the Mediasite app or Mobile Safari only one video will play at a time.  As a result, when using an iOS device to view Mediasite content that has multiple videos the second and subsequent video streams will be displayed as still images.  You can toggle playback to another video stream by touching it, at which point the previously active stream will be displayed as still images, but only one video can be active at a time.


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