Each Mediasite Recorder is eligible for up to four-years of advance replacement warranty service while under a standard Customer Assurance Customer Assurance plan. (Four-year period starts from the date of purchase.) Sonic Foundry will provide full technical support and replacement warranty services for your Recorder(s) through this four-year period or the expiration of your current Customer Assurance plan, whichever is later.

Please contact your Sonic Foundry representative to learn of upgrade or support options for Recorders approaching the end of their four-year warranty period. You can also view your existing contracts to see expiration dates and end of warranty information.

Recorder Software

Version Phase Release Date End of Support
Recorder 7.3.3 Active 06/20/2019 TBD
Recorder 7.3.2 Supported 10/08/2018 TBD
Recorder 7.1.14 Supported 12/07/2017 07/31/2020

Server Software

Version Phase Release Date End of Support
Mediasite Video Platform 7.4 Active 05/21/2020 TBD
Mediasite Video Platform 7.2 Supported 11/06/2017 TBD
Enterprise Video Platform 7.0.30 Unsupported 05/31/2017 01/31/2020
EX Server 6.1.23 Unsupported 06/30/2015 09/30/2017

TBD = To Be Determined

Active = This version family is being actively developed

Supported = This version family has no further releases planned, but is eligible to receive Technical Support

Unsupported = This version family no longer receives updates or Technical Support