Created 2/15/2013
Last Reviewed 4/26/2022
Versions 7.x, 7.4, 7.6, 8.x


Note: the MFVI add-on was incorporated into the Transcode worker in version 8. It is no longer installed separately.

Media upload and media import capabilities are expanded to support additional media formats with the Multi-Format Video Import (MFVI) add-on. If MFVI is installed, uploaded media will be transcoded to MP4 format. Decoding will require the appropriate codecs be present on the machine running Mediasite Transcoder. The transcoder will use codecs installed on the machine for decoding media including the H.264 codec installed by the Mediasite Transcoder.

  1. In Mediasite version 7.2 and later, Multi-Format Video Import is included with your license of Mediasite Video Platform. In earlier versions, it was offered as part of optional My Mediasite module.
  2. Multi-Format Video Import can only be installed on a machine running Mediasite Transcode. Multi-Format Video Import works in tandem with Mediasite Transcode to expand on importing additional media formats
  3. Multi-Format Video Import supports importing additional media formats into Mediasite via:
    1. Media Upload in My Mediasite
    2. Media Upload in Management Portal
    3. Media Import in Management Portal
    4. Media Upload call found in Mediasite API

Multi-Format Video Import uses FFmpeg to decode additional formats. FFmpeg is licensed under LGPLv2.1. In order to meet compliance with the licensing terms of LGPLv2.1, the Customer Care Portal includes a download link for the source code. Multi-Format Video Import by itself can be used to decode media files. However, some application needs to use the published interface to obtain the decoded bytes. Mediasite Transcoder is one such application that uses this interface to request decoded media from Multi-Format Video Import to take forward into the Mediasite eco-system.


The formats and codecs supported by FFmpeg frequently change. For the most up to date information, we suggest consulting the official FFmpeg documentation. Their page dedicated to file format and codec support can be found at

Additional Comments

The above outputs have been tested from a variety of content creation tools. Testing for Multi-Format Video Import included video files generated via the following tools:

Name of Software URL
AVS Video Convert
Apple iMovie
eRightSoft SUPER ©
Flash Live Media Encoder
Camtasia Producer
QuickTime Pro
Total Video Converter
Sony Vegas Pro
Adobe Connect
GoToMeeing (Users on Windows platforms need to use Windows Media for on-demand sharing)


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