Created 3/10/2020
Last Reviewed 10/24/2023
Versions 8.x


Unleash your creativity with Mediasite Mosaic! This dynamic tool empowers you to transform your PC into a multimedia recording studio, capturing your display, camera, and voice to craft captivating multi-track video presentations.


Mediasite Mosaic for macOS

Mediasite Mosaic is available in the Mac App Store:

Mediasite Mosaic for Windows

Mediasite Mosaic is available in the Microsoft Store:

Alternatively, if you are unable to use the Microsoft Store you can download the app here:

Mediasite Mosaic Pro for Windows

Mosaic Pro is designed for in-room installations and allows you to schedule recordings ahead of time. To install Mosaic Pro, use the links above to install Mosaic for Windows or Mac. Once installed and connected to your Mediasite server, the additional Mosaic Pro features will be enabled automatically.

Note: Mosaic Pro requires a separate license.

Getting Started with Mediasite Mosaic

If you are new to Mediasite Mosaic, we recommend reviewing the following courses:


Additional Comments

  • If you are a Mediasite administrator looking for alternative ways to install Mediasite Mosaic please see this article.
  • If you are using Windows 10, version 1909 or earlier you may need to enable side loading.
  • Please see article KBA4097 for known issues.


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